We all love dinner dates, don’t we? Some light music, lavish setting, good food, and above all, a very romantic company. Women just love to make that extra effort to dress up for their first dinner date and so do men. Click on the link below to read what I wore for my first romantic dinner with my beau. The dinner was besides a pool under the open sky and I have some of the most loving moments of my life spent in his company.

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We all women love silver jewellery. Earlier the craze was limited to the boho chic types, but not anymore. From elegant, sophisticated, elite, college goer, to even a corporate honcho, we all love to have silver jewellery in our closets. My love affair with silver jewellery started a little late in life, sometime when I was 28 years old. I will always regret why had I not been acquainted with this beautiful variation of jewellery early on in my life, especially during my college days. My appearances would have been so much more super stylish.

But today, after years of…

It is that time of the year again. Feels like deja vu. It is again the summers, similar to the summers of 2020. We are all stuck in a deadly pandemic and are forced to stay within the four walls of our house. Fashion is definitely not high on priority, yet looking chic while feeling comfortable is the trick to feeling good in the inside as well. Our celebrities had rocked the kaftan look in this whole last one year. We decode some of our favourite Kaftan looks and also help you with a guide to picking the most stylish kaftans online this season.

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CELEBRITIES IN KAFTANS: The new stay-at-home uniform

There are two things we Indians madly love, of course after food. One is our very own Bollywood and the other is the Big Fat Indian Weddings. And when these two come together, it spells nothing short of grandeur, opulence and extravaganza at its epitome. So, when some of our favourite Bollywood stars tied the knot, our Instagram feeds were buzzing with the stunning looks from each of the pre wedding functions. Not just the couple, even the attendees at the wedding were all celebrities. Our eyes were simply star stuck day in and day out looking at their picturesque and meticulously curated looks.

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Dinner Dates are so exciting, especially the first ones. Meeting someone you are wanting to impress and forge a relationship with, can just send your heartbeat flutter. But the most important question is what should one wear for their first romantic dinner date.

If you won’t believe, but there is actually a complete science behind what to wear for the first date. Ideally it should not be something over-the-top. It should not come across as you have ‘tried-too-hard-to-impress’; yet, should also not look like you were too unbothered to make an effort.

We decode all the important aspects to keep in mind, while presenting to you some of our most recommended options. Read the full post on LadyInRoseGold.com or by directly clicking on the link below:


Summers are all about ligh-weight, airy and soothing looks. Pastel colours are a treat to the heat-stricken eyes. Sober shades, that are neither too bright, loud or dark; just right enough to give you all the summery feels.

Designer Vidhi Wadhwani is much acclaimed nationally and internationally for her spring summer looks. She does a beautiful use of summer colours that are vibrant, fun, and all sorts of playful. We share some of our favourite looks from her collection. Read the full article on LadyInRoseGold.com or click on the link below.

Summer Pastels and Appliques ft. designer Vidhi Wadhwani

Indian Outfits need to be really styled well. Rather, the rule applies to any outfit, be it Indian or westernized. If you accessorize and design the whole look properly, it can actually translate from a good outfit to a head-turner.

For Indian outfits particularly, the right jewellery, makeup and hairstyle, go a long way in uplifting the look. You may read our complete guide on LadyInRoseGold.com by clicking the link below.

Guide to looking stunning in Indian Outfits

They say nothing looks more gorgeous on an Indian women, than an Indian attire itself. And there is good enough reason for that. Somehow an Indian outfit does perfect justice to complement and enhance the poise and grace of an Indian woman. And the way an Indian female carries a saree, a suit, or a lehenga, with such elegance, no woman, on the face of this planet can.

We decode some of the ways in which you can totally rock an Indian outfit. Read more by clicking on the link below:

Women look the most beautiful in Indian Wear’ — and for good reason

The traditional jewellery pieces in gold, or even diamonds do not really work for the modern women. As a working women myself, I am always on a lookout for jewellery designs that are very chic and a style statement. They should look more like adornments and accessories, rather than jewellery that one lays upon themselves. There are quite a few brands these days, that are making fuss-free, everyday wear jewellery pieces. Some of our favourites are Caratlane, Zoya, Prerto, Outhouse Jewellery.

For the complete curation of the list, click on the link below

Modern Jewellery Brands I would love to pair with my western outfits

These apps have been there for a while now. But is it possible to find that much elusive true love on the apps. Can a click of a button of a random scroll make you find that soul mate.

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What to expect out of dating apps like TINDER and BUMBLE

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